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Getting a website built Doesn't have to suck....

and certainly not for your wallet!

As you can see where the other guys charge the "average" to build a website. In this sense the word "average" here must mean "robbery" and not to mention, it's far too much for the average individual. Either way, we agree completely! We understand most people want less than the "average" cost and in return receive  higher quality work, Well guess what? We also agree!

Here at Delusional-Designs, we don't believe in robbery or charging the "average". In fact, not even close to 65% of that "average" in most cases! Sounds too good to be true?!
Find out for yourself, we dare you! Or Don't, but until you
do...It's ok, to keep thinking to yourself:
                      "They must be
delusional ?"
                            We understand all the same.


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