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Asset/Inventory Management

  • 1 h
  • From 45 US dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

a seamless and efficient process for you. At Delusional Designs, our asset/inventory management services can help you organize and keep track of all your physical items or products, whether for your store front or for online sales. Let us handle the details so you can focus on creating and selling your amazing products. Service Description: Digitizing - Delusional Designs offers professional asset/inventory management services, including digitizing your physical goods and products for e-commerce display. Imagine having a digital store mannequin showcasing your products online, just like in a physical clothing store window. This service is essential for your storefront or website to provide customers with high-quality, detailed images of your products. Uniformity of Items - We take all your current products for use online sales and focus on making them digital displayable eye catching image models. for easy lucrative use.Our team takes your current products and transforms them into eye-catching, high-quality image models that are sure to boost your sales. We clean up each photo and crop them in a uniform manner, ensuring that your products are displayed in the most visually pleasing way possible. Let us help you make your online sales more lucrative. Inventory Catalog - This is the process of taking all your merchandise and recording a list of all the details desired as one would normally find done in similar fashion of a warehouse. Details can include things like serial numbers, quantity, prices, vendors names and all commonly associated or desired details. We will even plug the required info to run your online e-comm to get you ready to open business in the most pain free manner, while saving you the hassle.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy This policy covers all applicable services listed or associated with the site and this policy directly, that are offered by Delusional-Designs and its partners, regardless of if the service is ONLINE or OFFLINE and or solicited by booking through wix platform or otherwise another any other means of private custom quote. As a purchaser of our services, you acknowledge this policy, as it is your understood responsibility to have read these terms that apply prior to purchases. As it is in accordance that as any of the services we offer, once purchased by a buyer makes them agree and adhere to the following stipulations set forth below. 1. Any service that requires a deposit or otherwise paid in full, can be canceled but DOES NOT receive a refund. However the service in question can be rescheduled at a later date of availability and selected by the purchaser for a single (1) given instance after the cancellation. After that first re-scheduling of the same service at a later date, should it be missed or forfieted for ANY reason, We, Delusion-Designs are not required or directed to give a second or third reschedule or refund of any sort. 2. Any service that requires a deposit but not full payment and is missed follows the same guide lines under #1. above. 3. Any re-scheduling MUST be done 12 hours prior to desired selection of time preference. It must also be manually approved by staff if it is a re-schedule for exchange purpose of prior missed booking that was scheduled initially. 4. Early booking is limited to 1 week (7 days) outside of the desired upcoming selection. No work will be permitted to be scheduled more than that 7 period in advance unless approved by staff prior and changes will have to be made on our side in order to have schedule reflect.

Contact Details

The Lab Beaumont, Texas, USA

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